Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The OnSite Project

Onsite opening 25th October, 2006 5-8pm

OnSite is a series of Arts and Informatics interventions on and around the building site of the new Informatics Building. It is a collaboration between the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and the School of Informatics.

The Onsite Project aims to engage with the public, the local community, the building contractors, the architects and the academics to help raise and challenge ideas about Informatics and Art, the new building, the history and future of Potterow.

Three students from the ECA - Dan Brown, Kadie Salmon and Richard Spencer - are working with Richard Brown, Informatics Research artist in Residence to create exciting, engaging and provocative interventions on and around the Potterow, the site of the new Informatics Research Building, due to open in 2007.

The interventions interpret and respond to Informatics research and its new building, the site and the building process, the history and future of Potterrow.

The interventions are in three parts:

i) A walkway on Potterow internally illuminated by a coded light installation, 4 panels of graphic and photographic panels with 5 peepholes into miniature fictional worlds. Can you crack the code!

ii) An audio tour around Potterow, using mobile MP3 players a 3D sound experience brings to life hidden past, present and future fictional location based narratives.

iii) An outdoor video box showing “the science of information” adverts, time lapse of the building process, animations and selected video clips from other artists.

OnSite will run for the next 3 months, enlightening the forthcoming dark wintry days..

The project has been kindly supported by Edinburgh Informatics, Jon Oberlander, Colin Adams, Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian’s Prospekt funding, Martin Parker, Edinburgh Digital Design Media and Architecture, the Edinburgh College of Art.

Invites via invitation - email: diana.sisu (at) ed.ac.uk


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Photos from the opening event. Photos by Chris Hill.

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