Thursday, October 26, 2006

Opening Night

Last night Onsite officially opened with a launch at Appleton Tower - a great turn out and everything came together on time!

Photos from the night by Chris Hill - see flickr for more

The walkway

Viewing a spyworld

The Video Box
Showing video clips by DDM students Jacek Janiak brad strong Heather Jarvis Hong XU
modified time lapse by Richard Spencer and C4 FourDocs "photosynthesis" by Barry Gibb, Digitalis and timelapse animations of the building site process...

Subverted building signs by Lynne Baxter:

The art will be up for months to come - do come and see the art and hear the 3D sound experience - MP3 headphones can be borrowed from the School of Informatics, contact Alex Judd


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